I decided to invest into my own health and lost 50LBs. 50LBs! 50LBs that I know I will never put back on (at least not in the same way)

I am extremely happy accomplishing 50LB fat loss, but what I am most proud of is the change in my behavior and how I feel about myself.
The process was not perfect and neither am I. But I am ok with that, and that is my REAL transformation. My work isn’t complete, either. I still have goals I am working toward – personally and professionally – and everyday I am committed to progressing forward one step at a time.

"Steffany and Patrick are creating a great community - in addition to providing great training. I love the focus on proper form and bringing out the best in yourself ” - Renee P.


This place is the real deal. The attention to detail, the welcoming and supportive coaching, and the family type of feel are amazing. I am down 30lbs and am just getting started!” — Suzanna

Almost a year in – great gains, some goals not yet realized but that’s part of the process. This is a year ago vs. yesterday. Admittedly some “distortion” with the photos – I mean my arms were never that short. Nevertheless 45 pounds under all the circumstances is not something I’m going to feel bad about. I appreciate all your leadership and support and I’m looking forward to pushing forward to 220. Thank you! – Dan

"Definitely love this place! Love the small group atmosphere and the hands on training and the coaches modify movements for specific body movements that help achieve greater range of motion. Great things have been achieved so far for me. And can not wait for my other goals to be reached. The emotional support from this gym has been huge, not only from the coaches put from the community!"

-- Nicole M.

“What a great Saturday AM workout downtown Tacoma; small group, specialized attention in a clean, friendly, fun atmosphere”

-- Terry T.

“You really feel as though you are part of a family here. Pat and Steff take the time to get to know you and your abilities so they can dial in the training program specifically for you. Everyone is friendly, social and supportive."

-- Gillian C.

Best. Decision. Ever. Let me tell you, I got fitness, nutrition, and an accountability coach. It made me feel like I had my own trainer. And FINALLY results. Real results that I know how to keep. Do it.” – Brent


“I feel I get an individualized plan for my unique needs and goals. I appreciate the patience and gentle way that Coach Pat will push me that I wouldn’t push myself (he even re-introduced me to carbs!). The workouts are challenging but doable and I feel extremely successful at the end of them. I get timely feedback and responses to all my questions. I don’t know how this program could get any better. I am extremely happy with the coaching and subsequently, my results.”​–Angie H.

“Great coaches, great social accountability, fun people to build strength and confidence with. Not your typical lunk head box! Love these guys and gals!”

-- Kristina B.

"I've been a member for 6 mos. and have never felt or been stronger! I love it! It's the place I start my day. It makes me happy! Pat and Steffany are inspirational & amazing coaches! Form, form, form!"

-- Laura S.

“Couple of weeks into the new gym and I'm loving the routine. Could not be more different than I am used to but I really like the small group format.”

-- Mike R.


“Exercising regularly has been huge for my mornings and throughout the day. Dropping 30lbs in 12 weeks is something I never thought I’d be able to do and honestly excited to get down another 30! After that, building muscle tone and just overall feeling more positive about myself. Thanks a ton, more to go!”​ –Todd G


“The entire experience was great. From the first call to my final transformation check-in. There’s always something intimidating about joining something like this but all the coaches are welcoming and encouraging (even on the tough days). It didn’t take long for the me to feel like a part of their community.” ​– Nicole​