Everybody needs a coach. 

Oprah had Maya, Bill Gates had Warren Buffett, Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson … you get the idea. At Prevail we’re lifelong students of building better habits for our future selves. What makes our approach unique is that we’re on the journey too and we practice what we preach. Are you ready to ditch the rearview mirror and focus on the future? Let’s, go!


Patrick swam competitively on a national level throughout his college career at TCU where vigorous workouts and long days spent in the pool kept him lean and muscular. As his swimming career came to a natural close Pat found himself gaining weight rapidly. Sixty pounds later he was spiraling into poor habits like binge eating and drinking. His image had changed and his confidence was shot. His mental health was suffering, too. 

It wasn’t until he found weight lifting in 2012 did he realize that he had other options. Pat’s journey to becoming a Coach has been about building better habits and celebrating the small victories. As a Coach, Pat reiterates that the journey to a healthier lifestyle (physically, emotionally and mentally) isn’t about seeking perfection but rather recognizing mistakes or inconsistencies and making the decision to move forward. There is always the option to reset, look forward and move on. Building a habit of being accountable is what sets Prevail apart from other coaching methods and it’s how Pat has learned to take his approach to coaching to the next level.

Professional & Athletic Experience

  • Precision Nutrition Level I certified Coach (PN1)
  • USA Powerlifting Club Coach (USAPL)
  • CrossFit Level I Trainer
  • 2017 Regional Qualifier (USAPL 105kg)


Ditch the idea of perfection. The best version of yourself isn’t just physical. It’s mental and emotional as well. It’s choosing to prioritize your time and set boundaries for yourself. At times this can pull you from your comfort zone. The Prevail approach to a healthy lifestyle is rooted in a three-pronged method that rejects the idea that it has to be all or nothing. Prevail Coaches believe that customization and communication are critical to success. At Prevail, workouts on your schedule, uncomplicated nutrition plans and check-ins when you need them lead to better habits.


Steffany was always an active youth from participating on rec soccer teams to skiing with her family in the winter and hitting the tennis courts in the summer. It wasn’t until Steff found weightlifting while attending the University of Oregon did she feel like she had found a mental, physical and emotional outlet. Her relationship with lifting wasn’t without its hurdles. Steff strove for perfection and her self- worth suffered.

She struggled with this idea that she had to be perfectly perfect or in second place and came to the realization that she needed a mental reset. Her relationship with weightlifting progressed and in 2012 Steff made the decision to become a certified coach. Steff’s path has been anything but cookie cutter and that’s the approach she takes with clients. Steff allowed consistency to replace perfection and hasn’t looked back since.

Professional & Athletic Experience

  • USA Powerlifting Club Coach (USAPL)
  • CrossFit Level I Trainer
  • 2017 Regional Qualifier (USAPL 57kg)
  • 2016 Best Lifter (AAU Alki Classic 60kg)
  • 2015 Overall Bodybuilding Bikini Champion + Overall Figure Champion (NPC Gladiator Classic)


Hannah grew up an active kid, but never thought of herself as an “athlete.” Though she always enjoyed strength training, the mile run in school was her nemesis, and she always thought this meant sports weren’t for her. 

After leaving home and heading off to college, Hannah discovered barbell weightlifting and every time she left the gym she felt empowered and strong. From there, she started Crossfit. Crossfit allowed her to see people from different backgrounds and in varying stages of their health and fitness journeys come together. She fell in love with the camaraderie and support. 

When Hannah first started at Habit, she knew she was “strong,” but wasn’t aware of her potential. She competed at her first powerlifting competition in February of 2020 and surprised herself with her physical and mental strength. 

Hannah hopes to share with other aspiring athletes that there is no specific athletic “look” and that there are definitely no barriers to what we are capable of. You are an athlete if you are driven to reach specific goals and milestones. Hannah believes in training and fueling her body to perform while living a balanced life.

Professional & Athletic Experience

  • 2020 “Rookie” Meet – 1st Place Female (USAPL 84+kg USAPL)


Kaycie grew up being active, participating in a variety of rec and school sports until she chose to focus on soccer during high school. Having an interest in sports, and in turn health, she attended Central Washington University and majored in Food Science & Nutrition. During her time at CWU she completed the Peer Nutrition Education course which provided her the opportunity to work with other students on building healthier nutrition habits. Not fully committed to just nutrition and wanting to continue exploring the health world, she decided to pursue her master’s degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Fitness and Wellness.

Following graduate school, Kaycie entered corporate wellness. After some time, she realized her true passion was helping to educate others. At this time Kaycie became an adjunct faculty member at a local community college teaching Nutrition 101. Eventually, this turned into a full-time position in which she was recently granted tenure teaching in the Kinesiology department. Kaycie has two kiddos and has begun the wonderful world of coaching youth sports. Kaycie is excited to join the Habit S&C/Prevail team and work with clients toward their health and wellness goals.

Professional Experience

  • Human Movement Specialist (Brookbush Institute)                  
  • Golf Fitness Specialist (NASM)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM)
  •  Certified Speed and Agility Coach (National Sports Performance Association)
  • Associate Professor, Kinesiology (Pierce College)      


Prevail fitness coach Kaycie