best diet for healthy living

The best diet for healthy living isn’t a diet at all.

Beginning a wellness journey can be daunting.

 You probably have a lot of questions, like what are the appropriate food choices for your health goals? How can you ensure that you stick to your healthy eating plan? What does a personalized nutrition plan look like? If you’re seeking answers to those questions, then you’re already ready to make this commitment to yourself! 

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how can i set myself up for success?

Before you set foot in a gym or make your first “healthy” grocery order, it’s important that you take time to thank your body for getting you to where it is today. Be grateful for what you have right now, even if it’s not what you picture when you think of your ideal self. Your body got you through, and that’s pretty amazing! Meet your body where it’s at and practice having a positive mental self-image.

What’s the best diet for healthy living?

The best diet for healthy living isn’t a diet at all! It’s all about building sustainable eating habits. Doing your own cooking—so you know what’s in your food— and balancing your proteins, carbs, and fats will give you a well-rounded experience. 

Buff up on the USDA’s recommendations, especially if you haven’t looked at them since the food pyramid. If you’re counting calories, you may want to get a fitness tracker to know how many calories you’re actually burning in a day, so you can adjust your intake accordingly. Stick to unprocessed foods as much as possible, but understand that eating something processed isn’t going to derail all of your progress.

Everything is easier when you feel supported.

Prevail Nutrition can help you find a nutrition plan that works for your lifestyle, activity level, and tastes. You’ll know exactly what to meal prep to get the most out of your workouts. 

Set aside time each week to grocery shop and cook. Put it in your calendar if you need to, so you actually do it! Buy a food scale and microwavable containers, so you know that you’re sticking to serving size and reheating is super simple. Meal prepping for a personalized nutrition plan really takes away the guesswork, and makes healthy eating easy. 


Your health is worth putting in the extra effort. You’ll feel more confident and energized if you commit to yourself. Eventually, by making habitual changes, healthy living will just be second nature. 

Finding consistent activity THAT YOU ENJOY is key to success. And, it does NOT have to be cardio.

How can I lose weight?

Every health journey is different and we recommend a personalized nutrition and workout plan for each individual. However,  if one of your health goals is to lose weight, there are a few easy tips you can implement today.

Find an exercise you enjoy.

Quite simply, exercise burns calories. As long as you’re burning more calories in a day than you’re consuming, you should see the scale number go down. That means you don’t have to force yourself into long cardio sessions if that’s not your preferred activity. Find something you love and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself when you’re feeling up for it. It’s important that you enjoy what you do, so you look forward to it.

Eat your favorite foods in moderation.

Making strict black and white rules about what you can and can’t eat will only make it more difficult for you to reach your goals. You can still have ice cream or chips sometimes as long as you stick to serving size and budget for it when planning your meals. Having some of your favorite food will make it mentally easier to continue eating healthy.


Don’t forget to drink water after your workouts and throughout the day. Research has shown that drinking water may actually help you lose weight, because it suppresses your appetite, boosts your metabolism, and makes it easier to exercise, due to proper hydration!