4 Proven Ways To Get Motivated To Exercise

Some days, you just don’t feel like working out, whether you have a lot going on at work, you’re sore, or you just flat out don’t feel like it. Having a day like this every once in a while isn’t going to keep you from your fitness goals, but what if your lack of motivation […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Eating Habits

Whether you want to admit it or not, in order to reach your fitness goals, you may need to make alterations to the way you eat. That’s because nutrition is so important when it comes to fueling your body for exercise. Nourishing yourself with foods that will keep you full and energize you is a […]

5 Benefits of Strength Training for Women

5 Benefits of Strength Training for women

If you’ve ever walked through the weights section of a gym before as a woman, you might remember feeling a little out of place, because most of the people utilizing that area are ripped, grunting men. Even if no one said anything to you, you may have just felt like you didn’t belong there. Girl, […]

3 Easy HIIT Workouts To Do After Work

When you finally get off of work, the last thing you want to do is spend hours at the gym. You’ve got a lot to accomplish in the evening, like making dinner and prepping your family for the next day. Not to mention, you should be finding time to unwind and reconnect with yourself and […]

Exercising In Extreme Heat: Keeping Cool In Hot Weather

When you’ve got goals, nothing’s going to keep you from hitting your stride. Rain or shine, you’re planning on fulfilling your workout plan. That kind of drive is downright inspiring. However, during these summer months it’s incredibly important that you’re practicing heat safety while you get after your gains.  You should be cautious when exercising […]

5 Benefits of Outdoor Training

The general population spends a lot of time indoors for work and when they’re not working, they’re often exercising inside at a gym. If a person works full-time and spends at least an hour at the gym five days a week, that’s at least 45 accounted for hours spent inside. What if you used those […]

Mind/Body Connection: Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

It goes without saying that exercise is a key component for maintaining your body’s health. Exercising keeps you strong and helps you balance important bodily functions, like hormone levels. You may not have thought about the influence that exercise has on your mind/body connection.  Some people like to believe that their minds and bodies are […]