Motivation and commitment are two of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to reaching the personal fitness goals you’ve set for yourself. This is especially true when it comes to setting up yourself for success come time to make a New Year’s resolution. If you want to see progress, you’ll need to commit to exercise and nutrition. In order to do that, you should consider making attainable, incremental adjustments over time. Small changes are more likely to lead to new healthy habits as opposed to setting goals that are overwhelming or entirely uncomfortable or unsustainable. An accountability coach is another tool that you can use to feel supported on your journey to building better habits. 

Habits can take 18 to 254 days to change. That’s a long time to stay motivated and make the active choices necessary to create a new, healthy lifestyle. That’s why signing up for accountability coaching with Prevail, whether you’re one of our new members at our gym in Tacoma, or you’re interested in working with us remotely, could be exactly what you need to keep your resolution this year. 

What Is An Accountability Coach? 

You’ve probably heard of fitness coaching or personal training, but accountability coaching might be new to you. An accountability coach is really the golden trifecta of coaches in the fitness world — think nutritionist, personal trainer and life coach all melded into one. A personal fitness coach guides you in exercise, a nutrition coach helps you understand how to eat for your individual goals, and a life coach keeps you showing up for yourself and making positive decisions even during life’s chaotic times. No matter what resolutions you’ve set for yourself this new year, accountability coaching could be exactly what you need to accomplish your goals.

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Accountability Coaches Help You Stay On Track

An accountability coach works in tandem with you to help you set and achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. The truth is, accountability coaches do a lot more than that, and you may be surprised to learn of all the ways they assist people in staying on track. A handful of ways that accountability coaches support their clients include:

With Prevail, you’ll have access to your accountability coach through our custom app that offers direct messaging, logs workouts, logs measurement and progress. If you’re not able to physically come in to workout in person the app is a great resource for anyone on the go or who prefers to workout remotely. An accountability coach will keep you mindfully inspired when you feel stalled in your fitness journey and help you make a plan to accomplish your workouts and nutrition goals. 

Is Accountability Coaching For You?

If you find yourself consistently setting goals and then getting bogged down with all the things life throws at you, it might be time to consider a consultation with an accountability coach. Or, maybe you’re really good at working out but you fall a little flat when it comes time to choosing healthy, nutritious foods, alleviating stress or making time for proper rest. Showing up for your fitness and nutrition goals might help you focus and stay organized at work or put the relationships that you should prioritize into perspective. Proving to yourself that you can show up for what matters most may leave you feeling more confident, which will permeate into other areas. With accountability training, your hard work and ambition can be maximized. 
New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to adhere to, because they often ask you to break long held behaviors that you’re wanting to change. A lot of people will give up on their resolutions before February as their schedules change after the holidays and the days remain dark and short. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, consider talking with one of Prevail’s accountability coaches before the end of the year. Accountability coaching isn’t about teaching you to be perfect. Rather, accountability coaching will help you reframe situations and continue on your fitness and nutrition journey. Set yourself up for success by trying something new this year!

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