When you finally get off of work, the last thing you want to do is spend hours at the gym. You’ve got a lot to accomplish in the evening, like making dinner and prepping your family for the next day. Not to mention, you should be finding time to unwind and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Thankfully, you don’t have to be spending hours at the gym to see results and maintain your physical fitness. 

High intensity interval training (HIIT) helps you burn calories quickly in a short amount of time, so you can get back to your evening. Prevail encourages all of its clients to try out high intensity interval training. You can make up your own routine or have one created through personalized fitness coaching. Not wanting to leave home for the gym after work? No problem! Through virtual fitness coaching, you can burn fat while building muscle and endurance from the comfort of your home. Here’s everything you need to know about HIIT.

People are asking our coaches at Prevail Fitness, what is HIIT?

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Prevail isn’t the only fitness institution that swears by HIIT. It’s a form of exercise that’s used globally, because of its time saving benefits. This kind of training elevates your heart rate and engages your lungs by using bursts of dynamic movement followed by a short recovery period. The New York Times describes this form of exercise as “short bursts of strenuous exercise…scientifically proven to work.” If you’re up for the challenge, HIIT is great for your metabolism.

Is ten minutes long enough for a HIIT workout?

Yes! Due to the intense nature of HIIT, you can actually get a pretty great workout in only ten minutes. That being said, a lot of HIIT classes that are run using group or personalized fitness coaching are thirty minute sessions. You’ll definitely want to build your endurance up to be able to participate in 30 minutes sessions. According to Men’s Health, “the average person would…burn about 150 calories with [a] ten-minute interval workout.” If you’re just starting out with Prevail Fitness or any other fitness journey, a ten minute HIIT workout is a great place to start. 

Is virtual fitness coaching with HIIT good for beginners?

The best part about HIIT is that you’re attempting to perform a high volume or high intensity of an action during a pretty short time period as possible. A virtual fitness coach will be able to help beginners find their best pace that’s not too lenient, but also not above your skill level. Although HIIT is difficult, because you’re working at high intensity, you can always scale it to what intensity is appropriate for YOUR body. 

What are three manageable HIIT workouts that a personalized fitness coach would recommend?

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The best part of HIIT is that you won’t necessarily need any equipment to get a great workout. You may want to incorporate hand weights once you become more advanced to make the workout more challenging, but until then, you’ll just be using body weight.

1. HIIT workout for the classic trainer

For this first workout, perform as many quality reps as possible in 45 seconds WORK / 15 seconds REST and rotate to the next movement. Perform the following list 3 rounds:

– squat

– pushups

– butt kicks

– side lunges [alternating each rep]

– tricep dips

2. HIIT workout for the boxer at heart

Have you always wanted to put on a pair of boxing gloves and jump in the ring? This workout will make you feel like Muhammad Ali. Perform as many quality reps as possible in 20 seconds WORK / 10 seconds REST and rotate to the next movement. Perform the following list 3 rounds:

– jab + cross [right]

– jab + cross [left]

– jumping jacks

– sumo squats

– jump rope

3. HIIT workout for the beginner who’s ready to advance

If you’re ready to challenge yourself, try this 7 minute AMRAP:

Perform as many rounds as possible of the following:

– 10 jumping lunges [per side, alternating]

– 10 V-ups

– 10 plank jacks

– 10 high knees (per side, alternating)

If you feel like you need guidance, consider contacting Prevailfor in-person personalized fitness coaching or even virtual fitness coaching. The extra motivation may be just what you need to reach your fitness goals.