In the height of the pandemic, gyms were completely shut down for in-gym services, nudging people to get creative about their workouts. Fitness gurus and beginners alike bought equipment and made space for home gyms—even if that meant just rolling out a yoga mat in the living room. 

The world has changed due to the pandemic in so many ways. Now that gyms are reopening, you may be wondering if there’s a more innovative way to see the progress you’ve been striving for. It doesn’t need to be “back to the old grind.” Here are five reasons you should try remote personal training and wellness coaching, even after the pandemic is over. 

Remote Wellness Coaching And Personal Training Revolves Around You

If you’ve ever bought anything at a store or online that claims to be “one size fits all,” you know that one size never fits all. So, why would you try to fit into a nutrition or exercise program that wasn’t created with your specific needs in mind? A virtual one-on-one fitness coach actively listens to concerns, considers what you enjoy about eating, creatively incorporates your favorite exercise style into the program and helps you build stronger habits. You’ll also always have access to a Prevail coach if you have any questions that come up when you’re not in a formal session. 

remote personal training

Remote Personal Training Saves You Time

If working remotely has taught you one thing, it’s probably that the time you gain from not commuting back and forth is invaluable. You can accomplish so much more with those extra minutes or even hours! Same goes for your fitness routine. If you’re training from the comfort of your own home, “not having enough time” isn’t an excuse for skipping your scheduled workout. You no longer have to drive to a gym in order to receive expert help in fitness, nutrition and accountability. 

You Can Make Appointments Around Your Personal Schedule

Sometimes the fitness classes or small group training sessions that are available to you locally just don’t work with your schedule. It’s easy to feel defeated in this scenario, especially if you know that having a one-on-one fitness coach really motivates you. A virtual personal trainer works with your specific schedule, so you can have a personalized fitness plan to crush your workout and wellness goals. If you have a gym that you like to go to for the machines, you can send a video to your coach so they can assess your form, intensity, and offer feedback on how to best use the equipment. If something comes up and you need to reschedule to a different time that works better for you, with enough notice, that won’t be a problem.

Your Goals Will Still Be Based On Longevity And Good Habits

You don’t need to see a nutritionist or trainer in-person now that businesses have mastered video chat. The quality of support you’ll receive is just as good, if not better than meeting someone face-to-face. The program that your individual Prevail coach will create with you is rooted in building stronger habits steeped in longevity. 

You Get To Use Equipment You Bought During The Pandemic

Did you spend a good chunk of change rounding out your at-home gym during the pandemic? With a virtual coach, your investments won’t go to waste. If you prefer working out at home, one-on-one fitness coaching can help you build workouts around the equipment you already have on hand and make suggestions if there’s something you should add. If you’ve already created the space to workout from home, why not continue if it’s working for you? 
Remote personal training and wellness coaching is the way of the future. You get all of the benefits of an in-person trainer, like technique and nutrition, without ever leaving your home. Prevail will ensure you have the support you need to meet your fitness goals.